F.A.Q. по ремонту и обслуживанию копиров

Дупликаторы Ricoh Priport VT-2250 (C226)

Код ошибки


Возможные причины

E 01

Malfunction in the cutter section: The cutter does not reach both right and left cutter position switches within 2 seconds

1) Drive wire cut

2) Drive section malfunction

3) No power supply

E 02

Malfunction in the paper table drive section: The lower limit sensor or the paper table height sensor status does not change even though the paper table Up or Down signal is applied

1) Drive worm gear broken

2) Mounting screw of the worm gear broken

3) No power supply

E 04

The temperature of the thermal head is high: The temperature of the thermal head becomes greater than 54°C

1) Defective thermistor

2) Defective thermal head

E 05

Malfunction in the image shifting section: All the encoder output signals are at the "H" level

1) Encoder connector of the image shifting section is disconnected

2) Defective encoder

E 06

Mechanical lock: The drum rotation sensor detects that the drum rotation speed is abnormal

1) Mechanical lock

2) Main motor failure

3) Blown fuse on the AC drive board

E 09

Malfunction of the thermal head

1) Defective thermal head

2) Defective thermistor 3) Thermal head harness broken

E 10

Malfunction in the thermal head drive section

1) Defective main control PCB

2) Thermal head drive wire short circuit

E 11

Image shift motor malfunction: The encoder status does not change within 3 seconds after the encoder motor starts rotating

1) Image shift motor lock

2) Image shift motor harness broken

E 12

Malfunction in the pressure plate drive section: The upper or lower pressure plate sensor remains activated for more than 4 seconds after the pressure plate motor starts turning. The upper or lower pressure plate sensor is not activated within 8 seconds after the pressure plate starts leaving for the other side

1) Pressure plate motor lock

2) Pressure plate motor harness broken

3) Pressure plate sensor malfunction

E 13

Scanner malfunction: The scanner home position sensor did not turn on after the motor moved for more than 7 seconds back to the home position after scanning. The scanner could not leave the home position within 4 seconds of power on. Otherwise, when the scanner could not return to the home position within 2 seconds of leaving

1) Mechanical lock of scanner

2) Defective scanner home position sensor

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