F.A.Q. по ремонту и обслуживанию копиров


Дупликаторы Ricoh Priport VT-2250 (C211/C212/C213)

Код ошибки


Возможные причины

E 01

Malfunction in cutter section: The cutter motor does not reach both right and left cutter position detecting switches within 2 seconds

1) Drive wire cut

2) Drive section malfunction

3) No power supply

E 02

Malfunction in the paper table drive section: The lower limit sensor or the paper table height sensor is not turned off even though the paper table UP or Down signal is applied

1) Drive worm gear broken

2) Mounting screw of the worm gear broken

3) No power supply

E 03

Malfunction in the program

1) PROM defective

2) Control PCB defective

E 04

Temperature of the thermal head or the power supply unit is high: Temperature of the thermal head becomes greater than 57°C or the temperature of the power supply unit becomes greater than 85°C when the machine is in stand-by condition

1) Thermistor defective

2) Thermal head defective

3) Power supply unit defective

E 05

Malfunction in the image shifting section

1) Encoder connector of the image shifting section disconnected

2) Encoder defective

E 06

Mechanical lock: When a paper jam or part failure occurs, the decoder detects that the motor speed is incorrect if this occurs, the main motor turns off. This prevents any further damage its components or fuse failure

1) Paper Jam

2) Parts failure

E 07

Malfunction in the program (PROM). When using I/O check mode, "E07" lights up if the ROM is defective. NOTE: When "E03" is lit, check whether or not the PROM is defective using I/O check mode

ROM defective

E 08

The pulse width applied to the thermal head is out of standard Thermal head drive board detective. The power supply unit temperature reaches 85°C

Power supply unit detective (Thermal guard failure)

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